Having celebrated the label’s 5th anniversary with its 4th installment last summer, 2017 finds Correspondant in celebratory mood again as they unveil Compilation 5 and invite us deeper in to the darkness of the dancefloor.

Label owner Jennifer Cardini has assembled a selection of 15 tracks provided by Correspondant’s core family (Red Axes, Javi Redondo), closest collaborators (Fort Romeau, Jonathan Kusuma), and newest friends (Marvin & Guy, Khidja, Kempes, Colli Alban) to “show the world that Correspondant has a synthetic heart of punk which pumps glacial disco through its frozen veins.”

Compilation 5 kicks off another hectic summer for the label as Cardini and friends host a series of label showcases across Europe and beyond. As said by the label, “Correspondant has never taken the easy or cheap route, yet it’s dedication to the skewed, dark and difficult end of the dance spectrum has paid off with an ever growing legion of supporters joining the label from both sides of the turntables.”

01. Man Power – Perserverencia
02. Khidja – Gelatine
03. Borusiade – Not Harmed
04. Jonathan Kusuma – Motor Melodies
05. V – 2001
06. Zombies In Miami – Mithril
07. Kempes – Sentimental Idiot
08. Marvin & Guy – Juba Dance
09. Colli Alban – Walking In The Night
10. Javi Redondo – Heroin
11. Uriah Klapter – Tone
12. Yovav – Andiamo
13. Red Axes – Earth Core
14. Fort Romeau – Over Water
15. Underspreche – Drumz

The ‘Compilation 5’ is scheduled for release, July 7