Next up, in the Permanent Vacation catalogues, a heavy-hitting disco voyage coming from debuting moniker Argoman. ‘Inspired by the 1960s b movie super hero Argoman, the name literally means lazy man, however it’s also a combination of three Italian producers’ names, who started the project about one year ago’, as the labels states.

With ‘Chimicalissimo’, the project merges the vibrant rhythms of disco with the emotional approach of modern electronic music. The label calls it ‘a proper voyage between syncopated rhythms and heavy basslines soaked with synth melodies that often recall IDM progressions.’ Next to the original cut, the EP features a remix by Black Spuma and a dub version.

01. Chimicalissimo
02. Chimicalissimo (Black Spuma Remix)
03. Chimicalissimo (Dub Version)

The Chimicalissimo EP is scheduled for released, July 10. Pre-order here.