With new music coming from John Talabot, Man Power, Joakim, Cowboy Rhythmbox, Baikal, Adriatique, Youandewan, Jimi Jules, Bwana, Trikk, LOR, Hivern Discs, Life and Death, Phantasy, Afterlife, Me Me Me, Zukunft Recordings, Cin Cin, Lossless, Aus Music and Siamese October had a lot of good music to offer. Here is our recap on the best releases in October.

01. Man Power – Tachyon (Original Mix) [Me Me Me]

Man Power launches his new record label Me Me Me with his own production “Tachyon”. The original cut slowly builds in phase, adding energy, synths and a mystical vocal part, which continue trough-out the length of the track. Sounds keep evolving, changing and shifting before reaching its peak. The labels debut release comes with a remix by DJ Tennis. With the labels next release lined up for December – EP from Last Waltz, including a remix by Red Axed & Nudave – it seems like Me Me Me has all the right ingredients for becoming one of our favourite outlets. Grab your copy here.

02. Quentin – Mirage (Original Mix) [Hivern Discs]

“Mirage” has been on heavy rotation for quite some time now, together with “Rain” it sees its long-awaited release on Hivern Discs this month. Written and produced by John Talabot and Marc Piñol, the EP comes out under their collaborative moniker Quentin – named after the philosopher Quentin Smith. The duo delivers a warm and compelling package while searching for the deeper sides of house music. Grab your copy here.

03. Cowboy Rhythmbox – Mécanique Sauvage (Original Mix) [Phantasy]

Cowboy Rhythmbox, the collaboration project between Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X, is widely known for their mixture of rough and obscure house, Euro disco, EBM and Detroit techno. After the release of the duo’s first two 12″s – “Rattle” and “Fantasma” – on Phantasy, they are back with their third EP. Titled “Mecanique Sauvage”, the EP contains three tracks. The title track is a muscular industrial / outsider house track, a stop start rollercoaster that constantly intensifies. One part a brutal exercise in poise and restraint, and one part undiluted disco excess. Grab your copy here.

04. Joakim – Daemon (Original Mix) [Life and Death]

Joakim debuts on Life And Death with the releases of his “Daemon” EP. Containing two original tracks, the EP continues the change of direction for DJ Tennis‘ Life and Death record label, which he ushered with the release of his own “Divisions / Chirality” EP. The main track “Daemon”, is a club-ready weapon that won’t lek any punch on the dancefloor due to its fuzzy synths and driving bassline, whilst the B-side starts as a off-beat track, which slowly picks up phase as the vocal continues. Grab your copy here.

05. Vaal – Wander To Hell (Baikal Remix) [Afterlife]

Second outing of the Afterlife record label comes from Vaal. Delivering a beautiful single, Vaal taps into the experimental/leftfield side, which the label has said to retain besides the more dancefloor orientated tracks, with a mesmerizing vocal and gentle sounds. Next to Vaal’s original, the release features Locked Groove and Baikal – which we love dearly ever since we first heard his remix of Ian Pooley’s track “CompuRhythm” – to round up the EP. Baikal heavily distorted the vocals of Vaal’s original and turned the track into a trippy, big room tool. Grab your copy here.

06. Jimi Jules – Moon (Original Mix) [Zukunft Recordings]

Four months after the release of his “Lost Love” EP, Jimi Jules releases his debut album via Zukunft Recordings. With this LP, the Zurich-based artist taps into the deeper shades of the scene, and does so very well. In the first few tracks he retains his melodic jazz roots. Gradually, the tracks on the album take on deeper forms whilst retaining this roots. All the tracks feature amazing vocal performances, complimenting Jules outstanding producing skills. Grab your copy here.

07. Neil Flynn – J.E.N. (Trikk Selva Densa Mix) [Lossless]

After the release of his “Louise” EP in 2014, Neil Flynn returns to Lossless for the release of his “J.E.N.” EP. The package contains two unique and mystical, celtic influenced original cuts, which don’t disappoint. On the main track, Irish Folk musician Katie Kim contributes with a deep and atmospheric vocal appearance, where on “Shadows” the synths and contant driving bassline creates the magic. Trikk slows down the original to 114 BPM and turns it into a building beauty that unleashes after the last words of the perfectly embedded vocal part in the middle. Grab your copy here.

08. Bwana & LOR – Cin Cin 4 [Cin Cin]

Four releases supplied by eight artists, Cin Cin continues their endeavor and raptly becoming one of our favorite record labels. Their latest release comes by the likes of Bwana and LOR, whom both contributed to the labels fourth outing with two tracks each. Bwana’s tracks are imbedded with the italospacedisco we’ve known to love from him. In “Generation Nostalgia” the tension is gradually build together, adding layers and the vocals before unleashing the grooving synths. On the B-side, LOR taps into the deeper shades of house music with two sublime technokraut excursions. Grab your copy here.

09. Youandewan – Our Odyssey (Original Mix) [Aus Music]

Berlin-based artist Ewan Smith – aka Youandewan – returns to Aus Music for the release of his debut album. Titled “There Is No Right Time”, the album counts ten tracks and brings forward the style of house music he is known for, showing the influence of Chicago, Detroit, New York, Berlin, Bristol, and London, along with his native north of England. It’s a carefully balanced package, with a diverse taste to it. Grab your copy here.

10. Adriatique – Patterns Of Eternity (Original Mix) [Siamese]

Freshly forged record label Siamese introduces itself with the release of Adriatique‘s “Patterns Of Eternity” EP. A three-track package where hypnotizing layers and synth lines, lay on the forefront. Although different from each other, the tracks have a certain similarity, which you often find in the duo’s EPs, and is a good thing. They give the feeling that the tracks are intertwined and complement each other, making their packages sound like a whole. Something you don’t see that often. Grab your copy here.