With new music from Tale Of Us, John Talabot, Recondite, Mind Against, Midland, Frank Wiedemann, Adriatique, Frankey & Sandrino, Love Over Entropy, Innervisions, Hivern Discs, Something Happening Somewhere and Kompakt Records, June was a very exciting month to say the least. Here is our take on the top 10 releases in June.

1. VA – Realm Of Consciousness [Afterlife]

The long-awaited debut release of Tale Of Us’ new label Afterlife is a piece of art to its full extent. Contribution to the release are ten like-minded individuals such as Recondite, Mind Against, Woo York, Locked Groove and Tale Of Us, to name a few. Tale Of Us’ ambient cut “Lies” brings you straight into a scene of the movie Interstellar. Woo York’s “Poseidon” has been roaming the grounds for a good amount of time now and takes you into a trance-like state of mind. The list goes on and on.. Grab your copy here.

2. Recondite – Osa (Original Mix) [Innervisions]

After the release of his “Iffy” LP, Recondite returns to Innervisions with his “Osa” EP. Known for his trademark sound consisting of a combination of emotive synth compositions and deep bass lines, the EP is what you would expect from Lorenzo Brunner. The EP’s title track doesn’t really need any introduction. It’s been proven to be a big-room and earned its stripes. Grab your copy here.

3. Midland – Final Credits (Original Mix) [ReGraded]

ReGraded returns for its third outputting with a beautiful crafted EP by Midland. The near-flawless release, fronted with the finely-crafted “Final Credits”, which is an irresistible seven-minute groove, on the A-side. Grab your copy here.

4. JMII – Thrills (John Talabot Early Edit) [Hivern Discs]

Although JMII’s outstanding “Thrills” EP already hit the shelves in wax via Hivern Discs, the record made its digital appearance in June, including this previous unreleased edit by John Talabot. In “Thrills”, the Barcelonian producer displays a sound that’s raw and lively, with a very personal sense of quirkiness. John Talabot’s edit keeps it close to the original and with a little Talabot-touch. Grab your copy here.

5. V  La Nouvelle Epoque (Original Mix) [Cin Cin] 

Only the third record into their discography and we’ve decided. We absolutely love Cin Cin. V delivers two perfect newwave dance tracks sure to rekindle the flames of a lost love or sooth even the most broken hearted of souls. On the flipside Swiss Dj/producer Ripperton supplies two slices of his trademark deep and mysterious technohouse music. Although the initial release date was set for mid June, we haven’t been able to get out copy yet, so could be delayed a bit. Pre-order your copy here.

6. Stephan Bodzin ft. Marc Romboy – Atlas (Adriatique Remix) [Systematic Records]

Released back in 2006, the original track by German powerhouses Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy has reached its ten-year anniversary. No better way of celebrating it then with three beautiful remixes on Systematic Recordings. One of those remixes comes from Swiss duo, Adriatique. They’ve turned it in a mystical builder while leaving all the original components intact which make the original such a piece of art. Grab your copy here.

7. Frankey & Sandrino – Hydrae (Original Mix) [Kompakt Records]

After exceptional releases on much-respected imprints like Dixon’s Innervisions, Drumpoet Community and Mood Music, Berlin-based artist duo Frankey & Sandrino brings their sophisticated, deep house sound to Kompakt with the three track “Hydrae” EP. The title track “Hydrae” features the expressive, silky synth solo we’ve come to love from the two soundsmiths, embedded in the focussed throbbing of their precision beats. Grab you copy here.

8. Love Over Entropy – Worth While (Original Mix) [Something Happening Somewhere]

Proving his quality time and time again, the Love Over Entropy sage on Something Happening Somewhere continuous. This chapter sees a meticulously crafted adventure, full of sound and fury. Kicking off the three-track EP is “Sea”, encompassed by an ever-evolving yearning melody that slowly engulfs and stirs the depths of heart strings. “Worth While” is a reminder that strange things can be encountered in the infinite abyss of the obscure. With its unsettling atmosphere, Love Over Entropy exploits shimmering cymbals and bends a 303-synth line in peculiar ways. Grab your copy here.

9. Here Is Way – Tonight (Adam Port’s 12” Autobahn Edit) [Keinemusik]

Adam Port’s new EP is going under the name of that very astronomical curiosity and accordingly, the like-titled cut on A can only be the result of a rare cosmic constellation. A forceful beat, decorated with hihat-hiss, stoically pounding synthbass, rattling snare-staccato and space-opening synth-layers. The first track on the flip side, is rather going for the deeper realms. This coproduction with Jennifer Touch is built up on a cosy, warm synth-priming, that Touch congenially contrasts with her undercooled wavy vocals. Port’s edit of “Tonight” closes of the three-track EP on Keinemusik with a emotional rollercoaster. Grab your copy here.

10. Petar Dundov – The Lattice (Frank Wiedemann Remix) [Music Man Records]

After releasing his “At The Turn Of Equilibrium” LP on Music Man Records last month, Petar Dundov is quick to return with his “The Lattice” EP. The EP features the second single of his recently released album, alongside a very nice remix from Âme’s Frank Wiedemann. The German producer cuts up the lengthy original and reshapes it into a tidy package. Grab your copy here.