Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, we present you the up-and-coming phenomenon LOR. With a particular good year behind him, releasing his work on Cin Cin, Exit Strategy, Atomnation and NVH Records, the future is looking very bright for the project.

Once in a while you come across a new name that instantly demands your full attention. One of those artists comes in the form of Belfast producer LOR. His unique productions contain a well-balanced mixture of colorful synth lines, bright arps and thick basslines. Now, one year into his endeavor, the project already has built an impressive repertoire with releases on Cin Cin, Exit Strategy, Atomnation and NVH Records.

LOR announced his indispensable arrival in the last months of 2015 with his remixes of classics by Arthur Russell, Kraftwerk and Derrick Carter. The 3-track remix package saw the light of day on NVH Records. Released as limited 12”, the remixes instantly gained the support from heavyweights like Gerd Janson, Roman Flugel and Job Jobse.

With the stage set, LOR continued to prove his credentials as a talented producer with the release of his remix for Sau Poler on Dutch imprint Atomnation. The producer’s first original material came as part of Cin Cin’s split 12” series in the form of his two “Factories” cuts, which where released in October of this year. The carefully crafted tracks contain a mixture of deep voyages, warm synths and compelling basslines, resulting in leaving a very strong impression as the label’s newest singing.

The release was quickly followed up by the release of his of his first solo EP on Berlin-based record label, Exit Strategy. The highly acclaimed imprint who’s made a swift rise with key releases by Eagles & Butterflies, Human Machine and Denis Horvat. Titled “Continuous Growth”, LOR’s three track EP expends the label’s success furthermore, with his track “Boy’s Brigade” being played in Âme and Dixon’s 2016 Essential Mix.

2017 Is shaping-up to be equally as good of a year, if not better, for the Belfast producer with new material coming up soon. So… more then enough reason for us to get in touch and have a little talk with the guy. Next to that, he composed an hypnotic, hour long musical voyage, where he lays down some deep, grooving basslines, which slowly evolve into some heavier techno tunes, as contribution to our podcast series.

Welcome Gregory, pleasure to have you here. 2016 Has been more then an impressive year from you. Must feel unreal to release your first two EP’s on quality imprints such as Cin Cin and Exit Strategy?

Yes it does feel unreal! I feel really blessed to have had the chance to work with such great labels, when I feel like I’ve only just started.

The LOR moniker is a relatively new one, making your first appearance late 2015. What where you up to before that?

I’ve done a few different things before LOR… I’ve done house, left field electronica, pop, but LOR is me just doing what feels most natural.

Your first release as LOR came as the three track remix EP, ‘Versions’ via NVH Records. How did that come about?

I had produced this little EP of bootleg remixes of some of my favourite tracks; Arthur Russell ‘This Is How We Walk On The Moon’, Kraftwerk ‘More Fun To Compute’ and Derrick Carter ‘The Hollow Clash Of Marionettes’. I sent to out to my favourite DJs and it started getting some unbelievable support. John Talabot and Roman Flugel played a few tracks off it at a Red Bull event in Paris, and then soon after that, NVH were in touch. It was very unexpected, but amazing! That first EP opened a lot of doors and created many opportunities for me last year.

It didn’t take long for you to secure releases on Exit Strategy, Cin Cin and Atomnation after that. Which labels would you like to work with in the future and why?

I have a lot of respect for what Innervisions have done, and they have a really great attitude, so I’d definitely like to work with them on something. Hivern are great, Robert Johnson, Lossless, I could list loads of cool labels… but really, I try to keep my focus on making the music I like and then I’ll look for a home for it, wherever that may be!


Besides producing quality music, you make your own visuals to go with it. What’s the idea behind that?

Like many musicians, I also have a visual side to my nature, and it was important to me that the visual aspect of LOR be clearly defined. I was experimenting with different visual approaches and I tried using a programming language I had used when I was a kid – BBC Basic. When I started generating graphics this way, the images emerged via slowly evolving patterns… it then seemed natural to turn these into videos for my music.

With 2016 being such a great year for you, what can we expect from you this coming year?

I’m working on some different remixes at the moment. I’m excited about them all and there’s one project in particular I’m really honoured to be a part of. They should be getting out there in the first part of 2017… and then I have more original material I’m working on as well. I should say that I have more to come in the “Versions” series too. I’m starting to play those tracks out at the moment actually.

Tell us about the mix you did, which feeling did you try to capture?

With every mix I do, I have some key tracks that I know I want to use, they’ll set the tone of the mix for me. It’s my job to then join the dots between those tracks… For example I’ve been wanting to fit Dorisburg remix of Baaz into a mix for some time, and I got inspired to use that Jimi Jules as a starting point. Any mix for me has to feel like a little adventure… so I don’t over-prepare either. Hopefully the energy of that comes across!

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