Zombies In Miami deliver two beautiful expositions of dramatic melodies, hard hitting claps and hypnotizing breakbeat escapades, as the Mexican duo appears on BAR Records with a split EP alongside Amsterdam-based live act Pin Up Club.

As the lovechild of BAR Rotterdam – a club founded in the Dutch port city in 2013 – BAR Records aims to create a new extension of musical depth by releasing a variety of music linked to the club from people that are regularly playing in the laid back colorful space that is BAR. Following the label’s very well received debut EP by Sacha Mambo and local hero Fader, BAR Records returns for the release of their second split EP, which perfectly captures the time of year.

BAR02 is a haunting and slightly dramatic winterproof EP. The Mexican Zombies in Miami duo created 2 tracks that would fit seamlessly into a scary eighties movie. “Haunted Strasse” being the one that builds up, “Mirrors” representing the climax. On the other side local act Pin Up Club created an ‘out of your comfort zone’ clubtrack which very accurately defines the word drama.

BAR Records 2 is scheduled for release December 10. Grab your copy via Clone and Bordello A Parigi.