Jennifer Cardini shares the seventh installment in Correspondant’s annual V/A compilation series. Spread across an impressive 17 tracks, the LP features music by the likes of Terr & Aera, Bawrut, Yør Kultura, The Organism, Zombies In Miami and Javi Redondo, among others. 

Enlisting a wide array of label regulars and talented newcomers, the comprehensive body of work traverses the forward-facing sound aesthetic Jennifer Cardini‘s Correspondant has crafted to pinpoint perfection. Among those talented label newcomers is Rotterdam-based trio Yør Kultura. Next to releases on Multi Culti and Laut & Luise, the project cemented their status with a standout two-tracker for Munich-based power house Permanent Vacation, earlier this year.

Supplying the opening track for ‘Compilation 07’, Yør Kultura voyages into trademark territory. Titled ‘Space Montage’, the trio’s contribution merges their contemporary take on tribalism, bright melodical arrangements and chugging bassline constructions into a climaxing 6-minute conclusion.

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Compilation 07 is scheduled for release December 6th. Grab your copy HERE.