Vox Low drops a new remix EP via Alvaro Cabana’s Rotten City Records, offering new takes on their Now We’re Ready To Spend” single. Including interpretations by Marvin & Guy, Holographic Planes and the Paris-based band itself, the release will be limited to 300 pieces of black and white vinyl.

“Figuring out who’d do the remixes wasn’t an easy task. After a long wait we can now announce that a new 12 inch will be out on Rotten City Records with a newer version of the original (previously released via Born bad Records), plus 2 brand new remixes from the infamous Marvin & Guy and the Franco-Spanish duo Holographic Planes, formed by no others than Damon Jee and label owner Alvaro Cabana.

We are adding to this release a remix of Vox Low of “Black Lake” from My Broken Frame, a track that came out only on digital on Gimme Shelter. This is a unique chance to get your copy of this amazing limited release. 200 x 12″ in solid white (numbered), and 100 x 12″ in black, so you better be quick!”

Now We’re Ready To Spend is scheduled for release April 5th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.