A double vinyl ticket to eleven engaging and evocative destinations. Carefully curated by DJ soFa, the second installment in his recent series ties together eighteen artists, each venturing down their own musical path via Kalahari Oyster Cult.

Kalahari Oyster Cult embarks on a future-retro odyssey of diversity and excellence as the record label sets out to release the Elsewhere MMDLXXVI compilation. Carefully curated by Brussels’ DJ soFa the eleven track V/A compilation is a surprising audio atlas that transverses not only different musical orientations but also cultures and continents. Disparate musicians come from far and wide have been brought together across two slabs of beautifully mastered vinyl.

On the compilation we find names like Khidja, Puma & Dolphin, Föhn, Konsistent, Bear Bones, Lay Low and Weird Dust navigating through different waves of electronic territory. Our pick of the bunch is Velvet C‘s spaced-out future disco cut “Cosmotropi”. A razor-sharp laser beam excursion that builds throughout its entirety and carries the imminent ability to move dance floors far and wide.

V/A – Elsewhere MMDLXXVI is scheduled for release June 15th. Pre-order via Bandcamp.