As a firm favourite of the Bordello A Parigi crew, Italian DJ and producer Uabos returns to the Amsterdam-based record label with a new 12″, featuring four new pieces of powerful grooves, snapping snares, full-bodied bass and seductive melodies. 

Uabos is back on Bordello A Parigi! The Italian has melted hearts and floors with tracks that brim with silken grooves and a raw house energy. For his latest Uabos builds on his past sound while folding new elements into his layered style. “Shadow” is the eponymous introduction, a track that sways between dawn and dusk, light and dark, as it dances between bright addictive keys and twilight tones. That search for contrast is carried into the thick beats of “Egoland”, beats countered by cascading notes that slip and slide from sweetened funk to devil-may-care debauchery.

Industrial undercurrents and greying skies arrive with the Chicago inspired fuel that is “Elevator”. The curtain fall comes in the aptly named “Emotion”. A supremely powerful piece of snapping snares, full-bodied bass and cutting keys for a terrific finale for a terrific 12″.

Shadow is scheduled for release December 3rd. Grab your copy via Bordello A Parigi.