A dance floor ready fusion of soaring synth arrangements, heavy percussive elements, shimmering keys and propelling off-beat vibes. Tunnelvisions returns to Atomnation with a brand new set of precision-shaped excursions.

Following the release of their much-praised ‘The Celestial Ritual’ album, Tunnelvisions returns to Atomnation with their first original outing of this year. The project, spearheaded by Raynor de Groot and Emiel van den Dungen, has been effectively joining dots between contemporary tribal rhythms, percussive elements and analog synth work, infused with a hefty dose of dance floor ability.

On this new two tracker, the Dutch duo noticeably extend their repertoire with divergent material. Title track ‘Tucan’, takes off with percussive rhythms, before shimmering pads and its heartfelt and soaring main synth arrangement urges euphoria. Things intensify rapidly on ‘Rain Dance’, as a pounding off-beat grid levitates under two sharply resonating synth lines. Highly recommended!

Listen on YouTube.

Tucan / Rain Dance is scheduled for release June 28th. Grab your copy HERE.