An excellent exploration of dance floor narratives as three globetrotting contributors come together. Moscoman, Justin Strauss and Max Pask debut their joined Trading Places moniker with a self-titled 4-tracker, featuring vocals by The Golden Filter.

The freshly established Trading Places project, consisting of long time friends and collaborators Moscoman, Max Pask and Justin Strauss, is the result of multiple transatlantic studio sessions. After years of hanging out in New York and Berlin, the trio decided to form the improvisational partnership following a string of productive jam sessions in Throne of Blood‘s Brooklyn studio. The self-titled EP will be the first collaborative outing between Throne Of Blood and Disco Halal.

Featuring four tracks, each equally wonderful in its own way, our pick of the bunch is opening track ‘Submission’. Setting things in motion for the suspenseful dance floor cut is a dry bassline that vibrates over an acid-flavored synth arrangement. The haunting vocal chords of The Golden Filter‘s Penelope deploy layers of texture, as the track builds upon percussive spheres towards its frenetic conclusion.

Listen on YouTube.

Trading Places is out now. Grab your copy HERE.