After two highly successful edits (Koi Jaye & Sahrany), an original on a compilation and one remix, Tjade’s debut EP is finally here and it’s a winner.

The Dutchman comes to Mule Musiq with four diverse electro tracks that are both for the clubs, as well as for home listening. The A-side holds two heavy hitters, one uptempo and one downtempo, that are meant for dimly lit dance floors, whereas the B-side holds two collaborations with female vocalists that are meant for calmer settings.

All tracks are, some very obviously and some metaphorically, inspired by Tjade’s other fascination: space. The EP will be available on vinyl and digital through the Mule Musiq Bandcamp from November 6th 2020.

Listen on Soundcloud.

Torus is scheduled for release November 6th. Grab your copy HERE.