Lossless returns with the fourth instalment of their sought-after Outbound series. After two extensive V.A. compilations, showcasing the label’s artist roster, their second release in 2020 is a double A-side affair that features music by Anthony George Patrice and Son Dos.

Taking care of the A-side, French producer and Lossless mainstay Anthony George Patrice rolls through with two heady techno workouts that showcase his sound development over the last years. On the AA-side, Swedish born duo Son Dos follow up with two shimmering and dubbed-out house cuts. Our pick of the bunch comes in the form of ‘Maffio’ – a powerful dance floor tool with mind-altering breakdown arrangement.

Son Dos quoting on Anthony George Patrice’s tracks: „These songs sound like a Movie score to us, a soundtrack taking you further and further into an unexplored forest: …you are on a mission … chugging drums, haunting strings and rolling percussion guide you… your heartbeat intensifies, with each step that you take… all of a sudden, the floor underneath you turns into flowing geometrical patterns and you start falling… a voice tells you ”Happiness Is A Miisunderstanding”, and the fear you had leaves your mind…you connect yourself with a higher power and realise why you started this mission in the first place.“

Anthony George Patrice quoting on Son Dos tracks: „Lovely balearic yet powerful atmosphere on „Cala“… Head flies and shoes get used. All that you wish for!“ … „Hands in the air for „Maffio“! Here comes the peaktime booming system. Simple, efficient yet super interesting and deeply rooted dance floor killer. This is ace!“

Listen on YouTube.

Outbound.4 is scheduled for release July 10th. Grab your copy HERE.