Robert Johnson resident Chinaski delivers a sample-based power ambient LP, sporting a dusty touch inspired by horror movies on VHS cassettes, as he debuts on Igor Tipura’s fantastic Kitjen imprint under his freshly established S-F-X moniker.

After a period of radio silence and growing anticipation, Kitjen returns in 2019 with the first longplayer in its catalogue. S-F-X — more likely known to most as Chinaski and his ’80s synth heavy brew of cinematic soundscapes aimed towards the dance floor — delivers a sample-based power ambient LP, inspired by horror movies on dusty VHS cassettes. Before sending you of with the stream of “Walk”, — a heavily dreamy cut that sees you strolling the Italian Rivièra sometime 1980, before warping you into an alien dimension — here are some last words of wisdom from S-F-X:


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S-F-X album is scheduled for release April 5th via Kitjen. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.