Weaponed with 4 new tracks by Vanessa Worm and Sau Poler, Fort Romeau and Ali Tillet’s delightful Cin Cin label further explores leftfield territories and electronic rhythms.

With a release on Optimo Music under her belt – and a full length album coming up soon – Vanessa Worm debuts on Cin Cin. ‘Slash‘ is built upon a drum machine heavy disco beat and a rampage of acid tones, battered vocal hits and a seriously funky groove. Spacey punk funk business! ‘444 – 000’ is also delivered in spirited fashion, a riotous blend of electro pop and heavy tech-funk is offered up, with Worm in playful mode, mashing vocals and samples together to marvelous effect.

Sau Poler has been a constant in modern-day electronica with a string of infectious releases for Atomnation and Modern Obscure Music. Hazy, tropical auras are deployed on ‘Primitiu’, as a raw 303 bassline cuts through a vivid sonic wilderness. ‘Lunatic Decay’ also plunders a dense and equatorial sound, with a hypnotizing percussive rhythm holding steady a cloud of experimental sound design and studio inventiveness.

Listen on YouTube.

Slash / Primitiu is scheduled for release September 13th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.