Sam Goku has been a regular force of quality within the Atomnation crew. Following the release of his recent ‘Every Step’ EP, Sam Goku returns to the Dutch record label with his signature blend of ambient, acid and melody-infused house. 

“I often talk to people who, respectively, don’t understand the other side and talk badly about other customs and traditions. I’d love to bring to people the understanding, that behind the differences in behaviors and measures, there are often similar, if not the same, emotions and motivations. I believe we need to nurture our culture of understanding. Since I am not a political person, I try to transmit this modest message through my music.” – Sam Goku

The Munich-based DJ and producer presents his latest studio work through Atomnation: a dazzling 3-track EP that further expands his vivid sound palette. Streaming with us today, ‘Orchids Rapture’ is firmly aimed towards hands-in-the-air moments.

Listen on YouTube.

Paradise Drum is scheduled for release May 1st. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.