A harmonious package of synthesizer craftsmanship, ambient progressions and sun-drenched house excursions. ROTCIV debuts on Massimiliano Pagliara’s beachside Funnuvojere Records with the 5-track counting “Awakening” EP.

Another winner for Panorama Bar resident Massimiliano Pagliara‘s freshly established Funnuvojere Records. Following onwards from outings by James Booth and Jules Etienne, Brazilian born DJ and producer ROTCIV steps forward for the record label’s third release. Currently based in Berlin, the man behind Mister Mistery Records expresses his skills in harmony and musical progression as he delivers a coherent piece of synthesizer craftsmanship.

A1. Awakening starts off with a piano house arpeggio and slowly evolves into a trance acid-tinged explosive motive with organic feeling drums. A2 combines a pure cosmic style with a New Beat-like dissonance and uplifting vocals. B1 keeps the experimentation levels high with distortions and an 8bit dialogue. B2 strolls through dark landscapes. B3 follows up and gives the final ambient touch to the EP.

Listen on YouTube.

Awakening is scheduled for release June 17th. Grab your copy HERE.