Milan’s favourite party crew and edits-only label, Rollover Milano, return with a freshly produced EP from founding members Rollover DJs.

As the founding members and resident DJs of the popular eponymous party in Milan, Rollover DJs have a passion for all things funky and groovey. Traversing house, disco, new wave, 70s funk and afro beat, their sound is highly infectious both in the studio and on the dance-floor. Produced in a period of strict lockdown in Italy, most of the tracks on the EP were played and recorded live. We’ve the pleasure of airing the original version of ‘Power To The People’ with us today, featuring vocal samples from a famous John Lennon speech. With a powerful contemporary message imbedded into its foundation, the powerful analog synths create a dense blanket, palm muted Gibson guitars move around slap bass notes while delay pedals give a vintage feeling to the sound as acid lines grow up through the mix.

Listen on YouTube.

Power to the People is scheduled for release November 20th. Grab your copy HERE.