A harmonious interweaving of down-tempo afro dub and dance floor ready, percussion-driven house. Dutch DJ and Producer, Yannick Verhoeven offers up his wide-ranging debut EP as Ramses3000 via Intercept.

“A cutting-edge melting pot of eclectic electronic influences and outer-national vibes, these six tracks form a bold and vibrant opening statement and display a seemingly limitless creative voice.” – states the press release, and is something that resonates completely in line with this new package. Following the release of his account opening single for Intercept, Ramses3000 returns with a heavily influenced debut EP that reaches into the personal depths of his global experiences.

Easily one of the most dance floor-focussed cuts out of the bunch – alongside ‘Gbana’ – we’ve the pleasure of airing Ramses3000’s ‘Terra Incognita’ in full force today. Setting off with a hammering kick drum, the track intensifies while mechanical sound bursts and the main synth melody move in, and swiftly echo out before returning in company of a razor-sharp bassline construction.

Listen on YouTube.

Ataraxia is scheduled for release May 1st. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.