Whilst club events and music festivals around the world may have come to a halt, there’s no stopping the undeniable Haŵs party taking place inside this hefty slice of wax.

The Haŵs crew once again come correct with their 11th release, and the 3rd edition of their V/A volumes. Their dominant streak waxes anew with zero sign of waning, as they unleash 4 original pearlers into the outside world. Names all too familiar in the scenes they inhabit, Rudolf C, Lisene, DJ Life and Nathan Pinder combine their comprehensive skillsets for your unending pleasure.

DJ Life’s offering to the party comes in the form of a galvanic banger, ‘Organo’. Continuing the theme of dancefloor delirium, his track rumbles with unerring force and potency. The party is still going strong under his guidance. You’ve no choice but to latch onto the acid and move your body.

Haŵs Party Vol. 3 is scheduled for release April 23rd. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.