Riverette is celebrating its 5th anniversary with 4 various artists EP. Compiled by label head honchos Dos Attack, the extensive body of music features contributions by Pional, JD Twitch, HAAi, Bawrut, Tiger & Woods, El_Txef_A and Man Power, among others. 

In 2014 Riverette propelled itself into the atmosphere with a highly-acclaimed debut EP by household name Legowelt. 5 years and 14 releases down the road, the Madrid-based label has established itself as a vivid contributor to the underground scene. Headed by the Dos Attack duo, the imprint celebrates its 5th anniversary with four wide-ranging various artists packages.

Titled ‘International Space Melodies’, the compilation sees an impressive selection of artists descent on the label. Streaming through our channels today, Pional‘s track contribution ‘Isaac In Fsharp’ is a deep and driving, spoken word infused piece of high-grade dance floor melodica.

Listen on YouTube.

International Space Melodies is scheduled for release December 23rd. Grab your copy HERE.