Portuguese DJ, producer and radio operator Photonz, explores the depths of mind expanding breakbeat domains, pulsating synth workouts, chugging electro arrangements and dreamy techno, as his debut album ‘Nuit’ lands on Dark Entries.

Headed by Josh Cheon, the Dark Entries enterprise has been pushing left-of-centre rarities into contemporary atmospheres since 2009. Following onwards from an excellent debut album release by Violet, the San Francisco-based record label is back with another long player by fellow Lisbon native Photonz. Titled ‘Nuit’, the debut album includes eleven tracks, showcasing intricate sound design and uncompromising craftsmanship from the Mina resident.

With moods flowing from hands-in-the-air scorchers to dark and delicate hypnotics, Photonz submerges us in mind-expanding breakbeat magic, piano laced balearics and ravey techno burners. Our pick ‘Shakti’ enters intergalactic waters, driven by a wobbly bass line construction and deeply resonating main synth work.

Listen on YouTube.

Nuit is scheduled for release October 9th. Grab your copy via Dark Entries and Bandcamp.