Proxima is set to release their ‘Dancefloor Memories’ compilation, a love letter to the dance floor.

Featuring 10 tracks + 1 bonus track, the compilation is part of a broader project of podcasts dedicated to the memories of the dance floor that will be broadcasted on the Swiss national radio at the end of the year. The first season will contain 10 episodes of about 10 minutes each. Each episode will feature a guest recounting a memory, an experience or a dance floor moment that changed his/her life. For each episode, a producer of the compilation has produced a track, an original piece of electronic music, to accompany the testimony.

In this compilation, you’ll find regular Cocktail d’Amore DJs, Trent and Powder, alongside Castro from Berlin record store Sound Metaphors, cutting-edge artists from the Swiss underground scene: Neu Verboten, Belia Winnewisser, Nicola Kazimir or NVST, the Paris-based producer Epsilove, Dutch producer and Dekmantel regular BSS (Beesmunt Soundsystem), and the Italian composer, synthesist and sound designer Eva Geist.

The bonus track consists of a remix of Neu Verboten’s track by Proxima co-founder and Motel Campo resident DJ Audrey Danza, which we are premiering today.

Listen on YouTube.

Dancefloor Memories is scheduled for release December 14th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.