Natural Sugars delivers a highly infectious brew of sun-drenched Balearica, proto-house vibes and chugging rhythms, as he debuts on Futureboogie Recordings with his “Zombie Jungle” EP, including a charging dance floor excursion by Manfredas.

Our Futureboogie Recordings friends continue to shine a spotlight on Bristol’s ever-burgeoning music scene, with an EP from Natural Sugars. Having previously released work via People and Places and Invisible Inc, Tim Oxley Smith’s Natural Sugars project serves up some top-drawer sunshine vibes on his latest EP, with an alluring mixture of sun-drenched Balearica, tropical beats, proto-house excursions, wandering keys and chugging rhythm.

On the remix front, Lithuanian producer Manfredas makes a rare foray into remix territory with a charging dance floor interpretation of “Zombie Jungle”. As one of the most in demand selectors in the left-of-center DJ circuit, Manfredas builds from a thick bass synth over charging Italo beats, a touch of cowbells and a hands-in-the-air inducing breakdown. Big tip!

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Zombie Jungle is scheduled for release June 28th. Grab your copy HERE.