Active since 1990, when he produced the first in a series of legendary, rave-ready EPs for R&S, Mental Overdrive continues to find inventive new musical paths and approaches thirty years into his career. Slow-chugging tribal rhythms, tightly packed into charismatic dance floor weapons.

Following a string of well-received releases, Amsterdam’s MUSAR label continues with another distinct slice of hugely satisfying, leftfield dance music, this time courtesy of legendary Norwegian techno producer, Mental Overdrive. The recordings present on the EP began life in 2004, when Per Martinsen and Aggie Peterson were invited to Tanzania to take part in recording sessions with local musicians in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo. The recordings have been languishing on a hard-drive for over a decade, until their rediscovery leads to them becoming much sought-after, charismatic dance floor weapons amongst a tight network of DJs.

Our pick of the bunch, ‘Litungu’, performs a treatment of obscure intent on the traditional, lute-like instrument predominantly popular in traditional Kenyan music. Mental Overdrive and Maulid Mohammed delicately balance layers of charismatic filter and distortion, adding texture to a beat that is somehow both folksy and yet propulsive. The EP is dedicated to Chiwoniso Maraire (1976-2013), and features remixes by DMX KrewCharlotte BendiksBoska.

Dartrax EP is scheduled for release February 15th as limited 12″. Grab your copy HERE.