An adventurous tour through blissful balearic house, spacey dub techno and acid driven disco stylistics. Massimiliano Pagliara gracefully hovers across a wide ranging sound spectrum, as he presents his first EP for Permanent Vacation.

Massimiliano Pagliara is a true powerhouse! Off the back of his third full-length album endeavour and the launch of his own Funnuvojere Records, the Berlin-based DJ and producer continues to thrive and broaden his already comprehensive list of accomplishments. Titled “Nothing Stays In One Place For Long”, his first EP release for Permanent Vacation displays the perfect symbiosis between man and machine, offering a glimpse into the Panorama Bar resident’s vast production capabilities.

From blissful balearic house and spacey dub techno to acid driven disco stylistics, Massi continues to transcend boundaries in trademark fashion. And although nothing truly stays in one place for long, his timeless approach towards music stays closely and unmoved in our midst. Big TIP!

Listen on YouTube.

Nothing Stays In One Place For Long is scheduled for release February 3rd. Grab your vinyl copy HERE and digital copy HERE.

Photo credit: Victor Luque