London-based party throwers GODDEZZ venture into new territories with the launch of their eponymous record label. Containing a hefty 23 tracks, the various artists compilation features music by the likes of X-Coast, Rudolf C, Adam Pits, Maruwa and more.

ON + ON + ON is a project missioned on continuing the body-move continuum continuously on and on and on and on. You will hear splashes of trance, techno, jungle, house and electro, embellished by sequins of ambient music and soundscapes. GODDEZZ believes in amalgamating the sub-genres of rave music, so there is something for all participators. Spread across 23 tracks, the collective has gathered an exciting array of music producers.. one of which being star on the rise Maruwa.

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Maruwa has gone from strength to strength with a debut on Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs imprint and an EP for Lobster Theremin. True to form she showcases her highly potent, rave-influenced sounds as she contributes to the V.A. package with dreamy trance cut ‘Ultraworld’.

Listen on YouTube.

ON+ON+ON is scheduled for release April 24th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.