Dance floor igniting material touching base on italo, trance and proto house. Marlon Hoffstadt returns to his carefully curated Midnight Themes record label with a new 5-tracker.

After several records on Ransom Note, Rawax and his own Midnight Themes imprint in 2018, Marlon Hoffstadt continues his steady outcome with his second EP release of this year. Initially only produced for his sets and the dance floors of his Savour The Moment event series at Salon Zur Wilden Renate, the ‘Ready For Take Hoff’ EP showcases Marlon’s enthusiasm for trance-y and mellow vibes.

Lingering somewhere in between techno, trance, italo and proto house, the 12″ includes everything you can expect from Marlon’s colourful sound palette with a good amount of dance floor functionality. With the record already receiving love from Axel Boman, Perel and Massimiliano Pagliara, hear our pick of the bunch ‘Lost In A Feed’.

Ready For Take Hoff is scheduled for release April 19th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.