Berlin-based live duo Longhair returns with a heavily sun-soaked batch of vibey basslines, 80’s layered synth aesthetics and uplifting keys, as their second studio EP lands on Renate Schallplaten, including a remix by Studio Barnhus head honcho Axel Boman.

Following their highly lauded debut EP on Amsterdam record label Bordello A Parigi, our Longhair buddies from Berlin are back in full glistering glory. Staying true to form, Wilde Renate residents Benedikt and Marko stroll through a warmly layered bath of uplifting keys, 80’s synth aesthetics and glowing melodies, beaming happiness and vibey goodness through speakers. Landing on Renate Schallplattenthe four-tracker contains a remix from Studio Barnhus head honcho Axel Boman.

Title track “Mangostine” opens the package with a brooding bassline, light fluttering melodies and uplifting keys, creating a peak-time roller that will put smiles on faces across the dance floor. A2 starts as a darker affair, before warm keys lift the mood to a feel-good jam. On the flip, Axel Boman reworks the title track into a more subtle, tribal cut. Closer “Aquamen”, meanwhile, cranks it up a notch with a heavy bassline and intermittent sci-fi samples.

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Mangostine is scheduled for release April 26th. Grab your copy via OYE Records.