Martin Enke turns on the taps of his Llewellyn alter ego once again and returns on Riotvan with his third installment. Three tracks of synth-driven off-beat excursions and piano-laced house cuts, bringing joy and collective rapture to open air floors near you.

Back on Panthera Krause and Peter Invasion’s splendorous Riotvan with his third EP outing already is the ever-on-point Llewellyn. As the more synth, wave and disco focussed alter ego of Lake People, the “These Days” package sees him further elaborate his distinctive sound signature, more than ever brimming with confidence and excitement. The title track opens up with a slapping beat, dream-like pads and delightful piano improvisation, refined by amazement-triggering adlibs and vocal-excerpts.

Second track, “I Wish I Could Have Seen It All”, gets fueled by an irresistible funk-driven synth bass and draws to a vivacious result with all its Italo Disco-leanings. Closing the EP is “Fleshed Out”, presenting hissy snares, hi-hat-teasing, plus a slightly off-beat arrangement that introduces a stardust-powdered lead arpeggio synth and a compelling boost of energy and driving dynamic.

Listen on YouTube.

These Days is out now via Riotvan. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.