Sascha Funke lays down a powerful unhinged house track with tribal vocal chants, trippy synth arrangements and a razor-sharp bassline, as he remixes Leonor’s track “King Of Elephants In The Sequence”, alongside Curses. The first installment of Sinchi Collective’s new non-profit record label.

Our beloved friends from Amsterdam-based Sinchi Collective open up a new chapter with the start of a record label! The new not-for-profit label will pledge the profits from each release to a hand-picked charity and kicks off with a fresh single from Leonor, featuring remixes from Curses and Sascha Funke. Profits from the first release will be benefiting The International Elephant Foundation, an NGO which focuses on protecting the severely endangered Asian elephant and the threatened African elephant.

The artist behind Sinchi Music‘s debut release is Leonor, who contributes a fantastic single littered with the sound of jungle wildlife, indigenous percussion, tribal vocal chants and loose house drums. We’ve the pleasure of airing the rework of Kompakt and Hippie Dance mainstay Sascha Funke – a flailing and unhinged house track with a giant rasping bassline and trippy synth details. Great stuff from Tom Wheeler and his Sinchi crew!

King Of Elephants In The Sequence is scheduled for release February 25th. Support the charity and buy the release via Bandcamp!