Amsterdam’s Sinchi Music returns with its 10th release, this time from German duo Le Jeune Flück and featuring remixes from Moscoman, Theus Mago and themselves.

Sinchi Music launched their label back in early 2019 off the back of their popular blog, events and DJ sets. The
imprint’s mission has been to release quality left of centre electronic music, with all funds going to a non-profit foundation to support indigenous peoples’ right and preservation of culture. To date the label has seen music from the likes of Sascha Funke, Khidja, Man Power, Curses, Tolouse, Low Trax and many more and has gained a solid following, whilst doing some genuine good for the world.

Frankfurt based pair Le Jeune Flück are the latest to join the ranks of Sinchi’s artists. The duo have been collaborating together since 2013 and have recent release on Dionysian Mysteries and Here they offer up the superb ‘Unexpected Ends’, a rolling arpeggiated affair that comes on like the love child of Giorgio Moroder and Underworld. Incandescent synths and ethereal drifting melodies provide the perfect soundbed for the distinct half sung / half spoken vocals creating a track that is hard not to love.

The first of the remixes comes from Israeli producer, Disco Halal label boss and general don, Moscoman. His remix journeys into glitchier electro territory with a real sense of wonkiness and some seriously driving percussion. Next up, Sinchi deliver their own mix that taps into the otherworldly with its cavernous FX, and off kilter electronic vibe. Finally Mexican artist and Duro co-founder Theus Mago takes things into a chuggier realm with a cosmic mid-tempo workout that is divine, a perfect closer to an outstanding package.

Listen on YouTube.

Unexpected Ends is scheduled for release February 12th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.