Our Futureboogie Recordings friends notch up their eighth annual Summer Riot compilation EP with an eclectic gathering of producers and tracks that fittingly encapsulate the current balmy vibes and a summer load of festivals and parties already behind us.

Techno dream-weaver, A Sagittariun, follows up his recent Futureboogie remix of Desert Sound Colony’s ‘Beta Burner’ with a hypnotic chugger, laced with the crystalline melodies that Sagi is renowned for, whilst Disco Halal regular, Kincaid, serves up some splendid 80s affected disco licks that reach for the stars. Liam Duggan introduces his new project, The Red Flower Union, with a stylish yet wonky analogue workout.

Cin Cin and Cutters releasing artist STATUE, debuts on the label with “Ivory” – a shining collage of live percussive work and ‘hands in the air’ piano and organ motifs, driven by its steady house rhythm. Closing the compilation is Futureboogie regular, Neil Diablo, who yet again delivers a first class deployment of a new age Italo roller that’s packed with juicy synths and hard hitting drum machines.

Listen on YouTube.

Summer Riot VIII is scheduled for release August 30th. Grab your copy HERE.