Slowciety approaches music with an open mind and brings different musical styles together. The young label is always in search of musical creativity, yet it doesn’t forget its strong attachment to dance floor energy – as is perfectly showcased on their upcoming ‘Guru Remixes’ EP.

Matt Karmil, Pional, Marc Piñol and Dandara shed a new light on Slowciety’s previous record: ‘Guru’. The EP opens with a slowly blossoming and stripped down dance floor interpretation by Matt Karmil, who lays the focus on the organic sounds of the original and brings it to life by introducing beautifully crafted melodies, reminding the raw textures of the UK-producer’s LP. A remix that wouldn’t be out of touch at a Giegling event, while the sun sets true the trees and the warm, red light bulbs appear dangling from the branches.

With other remixes coming from the likes of Hivern Discs’ Pional, Marc Piñol and Dandara, we decided to fire some question across the founders of the young record label, to learn more about the composition of the record – direction of sound, atmosphere and strategy -, development of the imprint, and their driving force. The record will be available on 26th January 2018 (pre-order vinyl and digital HERE).

Welcome guys, first off the usual icebreaker. How have you been and what did your day look like today?

We are basically jumping from office work routine to Slowciety management tasks in the same day. Such hectic days. Fortunately, the weekend comes soon enough!

Let’s start of with the label, and its beginnings. Slowciety was established in 2016, but how did you guys get familiar?

This will sound a bit cheesy, but it truly is thanks to our friendship. 6tizen & Clint met in cinema school a while ago. Tom A and Orsery have known each other since even before that (high school). Then 6tizen met Tom A in a documentary film production company where we worked for a few years, and that was it: all the connections were made for Slowciety’s birth! Louise & Hanaé who both take care of communication joined us right after.

What was the driving force behind starting the record label together, and where does the name come from?

The three ingredients would be : friendship -as we just said, a long time passion for electronic music, and a no less passion for partying (for most of us haha…), we needed a structure that would allow us to express all of that. To be honest, we first had no idea on how to proceed and what we wanted to accomplish specifically. Things have evolved quite naturally so far : the podcasts led to the first remix, releases to release parties, thanks to which we got in touch with promoters and venues to do events more and more to our taste. As for the name, at first we only thought it sounded catchy, but we have learned to find a meaning to it : taking the time to slowly build a community in a world where everything pushes you to do things quickly. We like that idea.

Looking back into your Soundcloud catalog, we noticed that Slowciety started by uploading podcasts from various artists. Can you tell us a little about that?

As all of us had never released anything, so we needed to build a community before doing anything. Those podcasts were a good way to show our tastes and how diverse our influences are. It has also allowed us to get in touch with many artists we hope to work with in a close future in a variety different ways (remix, events etc.) . To a certain extent , we are going on with the same idea with a weekly FM show we now have here in Paris. But we now do most of the dj-set by ourselves in an attempt to establish us as a recognised label. We have also discovered that most of the producers and djs that we were talking to are very kind and easy-going. Discovering how united this community has given us confidence for the next steps, I guess.

The label’s debut release came courtesy of the founders – 6tizen, Clint and Orsery. Why did you use that particular release to start of the imprint?

Well that was kind of obvious since one of Slowciety’s main goal is to release music made by us. It was also important to give some kind of outlines, a musical direction. On a concrete level, three of us had a track ready that did not seem to fit into a specific project, so we decided to compile them and release a various. We needed a good remixer on top of that so this release wouldn’t be too confidential. So Thomas asked i:cube if he was up for  it, and he was !

Now, nearly a year into your endeavor, you’re about to release a remix EP of Sunrom’s ‘Guru’ – the label’s second outing. Why did you decide to do a remix EP of that particular release?

Initially, Sunrom’s EP was supposed to come with a remix but we had too many ideas for potential remixers so we came to talk about a remixes EP. We love remixes EP because we like the idea to build a great casting around a release. So we thought “Why not try to reunite our favorite producers ? Let’s bring the producers that we would love to see on a dream release !”

Tell is a little about the creative process behind the composition of the EP – direction of sound, atmosphere and strategy.

We honestly gave no directions to the remixers. We loved Karmil’s work on his LP entitled —- but we knew he can be unpredictable so we were so excited to hear his interpretation of Guru. You can have many surprises with him but you are never disappointed. The main goal was to let the artists express themselves. For the Pional’s, we were expecting a dancefloor killer track so we just told him that it would be awesome to get a club treatment for his remix and he did an awesome re-interpretation. We were so blessed to have them on board ! Things went very fast with Miguel (Pional) : François (one of the Slowciety founder) contacted him, in the same day he asked us to send him the original tracks so he could listen to them during his South America tour, which he agreed to do We were also very impressed because Romain’s (Sunrom) tracks are tricky to rework. We were a bit afraid that the remixers would finally refuse our request when receiving the stems. Sunrom’s productions are generally made with much and diverse elements.

You’ve landed some great producers to remix ‘Guru’, such as Pional, Marc Pinol, Matt Karmil and Dandara. Tell us why their particular set of producing skills matched with your vision for the remix EP.

With Guru Remixes, we didn’t want to go for the easy option and release an entire EP with producers close to Sunrom’s vibes. That would have been boring ! For example, we chose Dandara because we wanted one guy to handle the one and only tribal remix of the package. Dominik’s work isn’t too far from Sunrom’s touch on the Guru EP. Also we were looking for an emerging producer to put next to confirmed ones. He was the perfect guy ! We contacted Pional for his poppy & ravey sensibility, Marc Piñol for his dark & acid style, and also because we are big on the remix “The light” he did for SAVE!. Finally, we worked with Matt Karmil for his cold swedish house vibe. But above all because we are big fan of these guys !

I can imagine it’s quite difficult to arrange this as a young record label. tell us something about the collaboration with all the remixers, how they came to be?

It was very intense indeed ! We started to contact them before the summer so we have been preparing this release for 7 months now. It’s a long process. We spent a lot of time sending emails and waiting for answers. Of course, we couldn’t blame them, they were all busy touring, producing music for others or for themselves. You do have to be very patient. We had all the pre-masters around mid-September but after that you have the mastering process. Then you need to get the masters approved by the remixers – sometimes you need to send again the pre-masters to mastering etc…So it’s pretty hectic but frankly, all the guys were and still are very kind to us.

Marc Piñol describes his remix as an afterparty tool. The name Slowciety would suggest all music to be in this vibe, however some of the music is ready for primetime stages, which is not a bad thing of course. What’s your stance on this?

As mentioned above the name Slowciety came around the idea of taking the time to build a community, to make the right choices and it’s not just about the music that we make or we want to release. We all have different musical tastes but we think that it is interesting to find the point of convergence between us. Our ambition with Slowciety was and still is to propose something different from the others labels, something that we are passionate about. We want to bring producers that we are not used to seeing on other French labels & also bring together emerging & confirmed producers. So no matter if we want to release something that fits for an afterparty or for primetime stages as long as we like it !

What’s on the horizon for Slowciety?

We are currently talking about the fourth release, nothing concrete yet but 2018 will be exciting for Slowciety ! A lot of parties & some new releases ! We are also considering releasing some stuff from Orsery, Clint & 6tizen this year. So stay tuned & keep it Slow!

Guru Remixes will be released January 26th, via Slowciety. Pre-order HERE.