With an eye on their upcoming release on Garden Of Babylon we caught up with Chambord.

The release showcases their warm, energetic sound. Two silky smooth melodic originals are accompanied by two remixes, one from Netherlands artist  Joep Mencke, who draws on raw emotion to create a deep early floors version. And the latter from Dirtybird regular German Brigante, for a more filthy analogue remix.

Chambord – where are you from and how can you describe your sound to someone that may have never heard it before now?

T : We’re from France, a little city called Blois, which is in the Loire Valley. We met there when we were in High School.

P : Our sound is very eclectic, always with a big part of groove, melody or voice. We need at least one, to find our sound but it depends on our ideas of course.

Is there one track you are both particularly proud of that you have produced? If so, tell us what it is and why.

T : There are many tracks that we loved in our production. There is a lot on the new one that I’m so excited to release. But today, if I have to choose one track, it will be ‘Orvil’ which we released in April on Ouie Circle. It was amazing to work with Ariana Vafadari, she’s so talented and so kind. Her voice is so magical and brings something new for me in our production.

P: I knew what Tim’s answer would be, and he knows what I will answer. For me it’s “It’s Been A While” that we released as a self-release. A track that we produced on our second quarantine in France, end of 2020. I love the groove, and melodiously it’s one of my favs. Love the lead which stays in our head forever.

We’ve listened to your forthcoming EP ‘Distant Time’ which marks your debut on The Gardens Of Babylon this October. What’s the story behind this EP and its tracks?

P : Distant Time was made before the pandemic, it’s I think one of the most electronic tracks we produced. For me it’s a beautiful journey of what electronic music can bring to music, every element is intense, and the piano is bringing something melodic & harmony that I love.

T : Red Moon is a more progressive track, less aimed for dancefloors. This track was made during the pandemic, that’s why maybe it is chiller than the other one.

‘The Seekers Of Light’ weekender event at ADE this week for the label is pretty huge. We see you are playing a live set, why live? Do you prefer it do a DJ set?

T : Live has always been one of our goals and we are thrilled to do it there. It’s an amazing venue with an amazing production in one of the major festivals in the world, so we can’t be more than happy to do it there.

P : We love both, it’s like choosing between mom and dad. DJ sets allows you to play other artists that we love and inspire us. Live is more like a concert, we play only our productions, and it’s a bit more stressful because we can’t make mistakes. Impossible to choose.

Can you tell us 3 tracks we’re guaranteed to hear should we be in the crowd that you guys are loving at the moment?

P : For ADE, as it’s our live show, they will hear only our track hahaha 🙂 Every track of Shai T, he has such a nice groove, and I can’t choose one. It’s not a new track, but lately I love to replay ‘Torpedo’ for Affkt, which is so good. And of course, our track ‘It’s Been A While’.

T : But on DJ set, I love Aji Lehna by Wahm (FR) released on Frau Blau, it’s super deep, and I’m so in love with this big lead in the middle of the track. Frau Blau is an amazing label, always bringing new amazing sounds. ‘Qallin’ (Original Mix) by Serious Dancers is also one of my favourite track right now.

Is this your first show since the pandemic? If not, where else have you been on the road recently and were there any standout shows?

P : Actually no, not at all. Thanks to Amaya, our booker in the USA, we played a lot lately in Mexico. We played for Mayan Warrior there and for beautiful other beautiful venue such as Supra in CDMX or Pura Playa in Baja and Gardens of Babylon.

T : We also made a little tour in Turkey in Istanbul with Kastel and in Bodrum with Xuma Village, and also in Bonjuk Bay. And one of our dreams came true, to play in Ibiza with the Day Trip team in Cova Santa.

Does having the same name as a well-known alcoholic drink cause any issues? There must be a funny story you can share?

T : It’s not the story but it can be hahaha. No, it’s because we met close to a beautiful place called Chambord.

P : Then it was logical to pick that name.

Finally, do you have Chambord on your rider?

T : That’s a pretty good idea haha. But I don’t know if you can find this bottle everywhere 🙂

P : Even if Chambord is a nice alcohol, we are more up to Tequila and Mezcal.

Red Moon is scheduled for release October 29th. Grab your copy HERE.