Iñigo Vontier returns to Chloé’s excellent Lumière Noire Records for the release of his debut album ‘El Hijo Del Maiz’. An innovative exploration of psychedelic electronics that sees the Mexican artist collaborate with Xen, Drugface, DJ Rocca, Thomass Jackson and Beyou.

Mexican music manufacturer Iñigo Vontier continues to ride the wave of psychedelic infused electronics to great resolution. Following the release of last month’s taster, titled the ‘Xu Xu’ EP, Vontier returns to Chloé‘s creatively liberating Lumière Noire Records for the release of his debut album. Spread across 9 tracks, his first leap in long player territories sees the Latin American DJ and producer embark on an innovative exploration of demented grooves, psychedelic take-offs and imaginary comic strips of mystical rituals.

For the occasion, the Calypso Records head honcho has called upon a group of closely associated adventurers to collaborate. In the case of ‘Awaken’, the track we’ve the pleasure of airing here today, we witness the reinstallation of the already battle proven combination of Iñigo Vontier, together with Thomas Von Party and John Shape under their Drugface alias. A slowly developing burner that glides towards an unraveling dimension of hypnosis is the result, before its ethereal releasing point kicks in midway.

Listen on YouTube.

El Hijo Del Maiz is scheduled for release November 29th. Grab your copy HERE.