Following on from La Fe’s adventurous ‘Con Qué’ EP, Vancouver-based label Isla returns with a four track offering of hallucinatory explorations. Earth moving bass pulsations, driving rhythmics and trance-infused sound territories for planetary dance floor excursions.

Canadian left-of-centre operators Isla present the next installment in their catalog. Titled ‘Outside Of Time’, the four track EP is a collaboration between Interactive Test’s Riccardo Falsini and Vancouver native AVR, under Falsini’s long-standing I Believe moniker. No strangers to trance dreamscapes and rave atmospherics, the 12″ embarks on a cosmic journey to early influences of trance, acid workouts and mutating percolations. An infinitely interesting come together, as explained by the label..

“In the early nineties, directly influenced by the Summer of Love of 1988, Florentine Riccardo Falsini began his project I Believe – a miscellaneous collection of records, compilations, and collaborations-released through his label Interactive Test (co-run with brother Franco Falsini).

These sounds would eventually reach Vancouver-based producer AVR (Avery La Rochelle) in the summer of 2018. Compelled by Riccardo’s legacy as a producer and a deejay, Avery reached out to the Italian producer.

A friendship formed that would see them collaborate on various dance events in Vancouver, as well as their Outside Of Time EP, a reverie of hallucinatory trance music. Over the past year, the duo recorded these tracks with the free spirit of early rave culture in mind.

Outside Of Time is certified dance floor therapy that inspires the listener to believe in the power of love and music.”

Listen on YouTube.

Outside Of Time is scheduled for release October 14th. Grab your copy HERE.