Longstanding tastemaker and Mothball Records head honcho Hysteric comes through with a powerful dance floor igniter, composed of pure synth positivity and Italo fever, as he edits Vicki Benson’s ‘Easy Love’ and lands on the newly-founded Filament record label.

The Amsterdam-based Filament crew have been contributing to the city’s left-of-center electronic scene for quite some time now, enriching nights with regular soirées – where guests range from Maurice Fulton to Paramida –, hosting livestream events or playing one of their multi-flavoured DJ sets across town. Distributed by Bordello A Parigi, their newly-founded record label sets out to tell the sonic story through every stage of an event; a tune for every chapter from the lingering suspense and early haze of doors-open to the wind-up power-hour grand hoorah.

Next to the Filament trio making their production debut, the EP features tracks by Monty, Møzaika and Hysteric – who delivers a heavy-hitting Italo cut, with big stabs, drawn-out chords and a relentless arpeggio. With the label’s debut release raking up support by Andrew Weatherall, Mano Le Tough, Superpitcher, Kornel Kovacs, HAAi, Dave Harvey, Cooper Saver and Christian S, to name a few, the future looks very promising indeed.

Listen on YouTube.

V/A – Fest I is scheduled for release July 17th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp and Bordello A Parigi.