Human Machine returns to Sicilian-based record label Engrave Ltd with the “Remate” EP. 3 tracks of synth-driven deep house, melodic atmospherics and deep grooves. 

Four years after the release of their debut EP, “Black Mechanism”, Sicilian quartet Human Machine goes full circle and returns to Engrave Ltd with another set of dance floor cuts. Formed by Mauro di Martino, better known under his Musumeci moniker, Paolo Lauretta, Francesco Sorrentino and Simone Carpenzano, the project explores more intimate atmospheres on this 3-track EP, whilst maintaining their trademark sound characteristic.

The package contains 3 tracks, with “Remate III” streaming here today. Building onwards from a steady four-on-the-floor, the almost 8-minute long cut slowly wheels you in with an atmospheric groove before unleashing its massive main synth-line.

Listen on YouTube.

Remate is scheduled for release June 21st. Grab your copy HERE.