After the release of his “Out Of The Dust” album on !K7 Records’ neoclassical sub label 7K!, Hior Chronik’s cinematic LP gets reworked into emotive club tunes on a limited split 12″. Gnork showcases his retro roots as he takes on “Remember” with orbiting chime, ghostly sax and popping bassline. 

Seductive and cinematic soundscapes between ambient, drone and indie-neoclassical music: these are the best words to describe Hior Chronik’s style and his recently released “Out Of The Dust” album that hit the selves via !K7 Records‘ neoclassical sub label 7K! in December 2017. On this limited 12″, Hior’s music is reworked to melodic club tunes by Budapest based and rising producer Gnork & New Yorker Lauren Ritter on the flipside.

With his releases to date finding home on Lone’s Magicwire label, as well as Unknown to the Unknown and Black Venison, Gnork presents his interpretation on Hior’s track “Remember” that whilst dazzlingly fresh also showcases its retro roots. With its orbiting chime, ghostly sax and popping bassline, it brilliantly doffs its cap to the classic sounds of the 90’s.

Out Of The Dust – Remixes is scheduled for release May 18th. Grab your copy HERE.