PSY SECTION proudly presents: “The Very First Real Magic”.

The first release of Escape Artist’s new imprint is a various artists affair brought together by the power of friendship. After years of being sent amazing music by new and old friends from near and afar, the time has come to share this joy with the rest of the world. As a label, we will seek to shine a light on psychedelic music of all designs and the first release will focus on the dance variety. It is the label’s hope that the love and friendship that brought this project together will shine through in the music.

Grim Beazley’s ‘Acid Leaf’ evokes a memory of crowded peak time floors. The song’s gentle introduction gives way to powerful 303/909 interplay and leaves us yearning to go back to that place. TIP!

Listen on YouTube.

The Very First Real Magic is scheduled for release April 21st. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.