Funnuvojere’s latest instalment, Minority Resist, comes from Czech Republic and it’s signed by Martin Kuška under his moniker Goodbye Mirage.

Martin has been performing and producing ambient and synth compositions under his real name for many years, releasing a few LPs for the US cassette labels Sacred Phrases and Origin Peoples, mostly influenced by writing, drawing and photography, as well as by the rhythms of village life. 

Funnuvojere’s new ethereal EP interweaves nostalgia for the past and reflections on the present. The EP is imbued with Martin’s memories of discovering Berlin’s Love Parade, the golden cradle of 90s trance and progressive house. Emotional tension and unexpected polymeters characterise the EP, with minimalistic notes rippling back from a distant future. Careful design produces a unique sound and grain that will blissfully envelop those lucky enough to hear it played. 

Listen on YouTube.

Minority Resist is scheduled for release June 29th. Grab your copy HERE.