Frankey & Sandrino deliver a transfixing assembly of delicate electronics, celestial IDM elements and captivating melodies, as they debut on Cin Cin for the record label’s 16th split outing, alongside Simian Mobile Disco member Jas Shaw and Fort Romeau.

Sum Over Histories head honchos Frankey & Sandrino have been making waves since their partnership first yielded fresh fruits back in 2010. For their latest outing, the duo turns to Cin Cin with new material primed for delivering some high-intensity moments. Delicate electronics and icy melodies float over ‘Mira’s spacey aura, bringing together elements of 90s IDM and minimal techno. On ‘Naos’, a chugging groove and Italo inspired bassline unfolds to expose a transcendental lead line and a infectious cosmic semblance.

Cin Cin founder, Fort Romeau, delivers two cuts on home turf, teaming up with Jas Shaw for a brace of deep, intergalactic tracks. ‘Saturn Ascends’ is a space age, acid romance, whilst ‘Voices [no.III]’ offers up a more spirited piece, with lively percussion and a flitting tonal riff that is teased and tweaked through the space echo for good measure.

Listen on YouTube.

Mira / Saturn Ascends is scheduled for release July 12th. Grab your copy HERE.