“Tune in to Far Out Radio Systems, whose antennas may rest on Belgian soil but whose strong signals head in all directions. Station master of Far Out Radio Systems is the Genk-based producer Thomas Neyens, who keeps a cinemascope view on electronic music and has previously released on the SoHaSo label as Kiani & His Legion.

This EP shows some of his many strengths. You’ll find Holden-like modular waves on Theme For The Lockdown, beautiful intricate Isan-esque melodies on Imagine The Sun and Cykotine Storm, and a straight four-four kick on the disco-driven Skies.

Opening track On Boolean Plans is something else entirely. It relives the time when amen breaks were flooding the streets of London. But Neyens brings things up to par with current pandemic times by including beautiful melancholic strings.

Far Out Radio Systems truly lives up to its name. Strong vibes in every direction.

Artwork by Steele Bonus.”

Listen on YouTube.

Cytokine Storm is scheduled for release June 26th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.