Fabio Vanore returns to Incroyable Music with a melodic-infused set of moody dance floor cuts, featuring vocals by Abrão. Completing the package with additional remixes are Far Away’s Cooper Saver and Permanent Vacation head honcho Benjamin Fröhlich.

Cooper Saver has been tearing it up the last couple of months. The Los Angeles-based DJ and producer, responsible for the Far Away party and cassette mixtape series, just released a string of quality EPs on Permanent Vacation, Internasjonal and Biologic Records, next to a steaming mix contribution to Resident Advisor – checkable here. His latest endeavour sees Cooper firing up the remix pistons on Incroyable Music.

With the original coming by the hands of Incroyable label mainstay Fabio Vanore, Cooper aims “Voodoo Ray” into peakier dance floor territories with sharply resonating and lasery synth patterns, next to utilizing the vocals – provided by Bigamo releasing artist Abrão – and repetitive bass line.

Listen on YouTube.

Voodoo Ray is scheduled for release July 22nd. Grab your copy HERE.