Outcast Oddity’s head honcho Engyn gives an intimate look into his vision of dark, melancholic machine music as his heavy hitting percussive techno cut “Don’t Touch Don’t Talk” lands on the Kiel-based Empore Music record label as part of his “The Pain” EP.

About 100 kilometers north of Hamburg, in the assessable state capital Kiel at the Baltic Sea, a small circle of ambitious gentlemen found their way through a mutual love towards electronic music. As a result Empore Music was established with the idea to give the regions local artist a stepping stone to a bigger audience. After his massive contributions to the label’s “Facetten” compilation series, Engyn now presents his first own EP on the Kiel based imprint.

Between being the head honcho of the always on point Outcast Oddity and his stellar work as producer and live performer, Engyn is a versatile force to be reckoned with. “The Pain” EP features 4 tracks from Engyn, reaching from melodic ambient music to high powered percussive techno tracks. With an additional Aera remix that leads you into dreamy soundscapes and euphoric open air moments, the EP comes full circle.

The Pain EP is scheduled for release May 4th. Grab your copy here.