Our buddies over at 9300 Records return with four club bangers as they present the next record in their catalog! For the occasion we’ve the pleasure of airing ‘Solid Fever’, including the official video for the track in question.

Under his new alter ego, Emotive Response, Thomas Blanckaert, also known as Innershades will deliver an EP trilogy focussing on Belgian Dance music from mid 90s till early 2000. At the start of the new millennium, clubs were filled by girls in crop tops and Bacardi Breezers & Chupa Chups were common goods on the dance floor. Trance was at its commercial peak and while DJs showcased their skills on national television (TMF!), a new group of producers stood up.

Thus a lot of Belgian trance gems were made by musicians that later on would hit the pop charts worldwide with so called ‘dance formations’. The often dramatic and dark melodies that defined their typical sound can be found again in the four club bangers collected on this first EP, called Emotions ’95. All given an extra fresh and uplifting signature Thomas is well known from. Strictly vinyl only!

Listen on Soundcloud.

Emotions ’95 is scheduled for release in June. Grab your copy HERE.