A synthesizer heavy bundle of peak hour dance floor tools. Route 8 and Soundbank share the latest installment in This Is Our Time’s excellent Tiot-Disco series, featuring contributions by DJ Ciderman, Aron Ya and This Is Our Soundsystem.

Gergely Szilveszter Horváth has been making a name for himself under a number of guises such as Route 8, Q3A and DJ Ciderman. While appearing on labels like Lobster Theremin, Nous and Delsin for a number of years, the Hungarian DJ and producer has been pumping out quality releases through his co-run record label This Is Our Time, alongside longtime buddy Soundbank. Following the release of the first three installments in the annual ‘Tiot-Disco’ series, This Is Our Time returns with fourth package of dance floor tools.

Streaming through our channels today, Route 8 re-emerges under his DJ Ciderman moniker with a synthesizer heavy track called ‘Dance Floor Beat’. A proper Belgium new beat party anthem that transports you back to ’88.

Listen on YouTube.

This Is Ourpeggio is out now. Grab your copy via Phonica and Lobster Records.