Following a two-year hiatus, Planet Sundae spring back to life with a beautiful record by DJ Blasy.

Titled ‘Quantasoma’, the EP is inspired by The Drowned World by J.G. Ballard. Set in a future where the ice caps have melted and the rising oceans have submerged so much of the inhabited world. A new nature has formed here, and cities have become primeval swamps. Humans are now in rapid decline as giant lizards, dragonflies and insects thrive.

The music on this record looks to describe this new world, and unlike the book where the story is told from a human perspective, the point of view here is shifted to the eyes of nature. What for humans is a dystopian future, for the natural world it is an insignificant change. Emotionless and detached, these processes carry on regardless of what is happening, like photosynthesis in the quantasomes. TIP!

Listen on YouTube.

Quantasoma is scheduled for release April 15th. Grab your copy via Bandcamp.